Gonzales Über Alles

By Dave Stelfox

Berlin's Kitty-Yo continues to pursue its uncompromisingly eclectic vision, but with the corrupted grooves of Chilly Gonzales may have stumbled across its best release yet. Crushing together elements of hip hop style, jazzual introspection, fractured funk and classical fluency with a pervasive air of marijuana psychosis, Gonzales Über Alles lets the listener into Chilly's slightly disturbing and chaotic mindset – and, for all its quirks, it is a place you won't want to leave in a hurry. From the sampled orchestrations of Real Motherf***in' Music to the sweet rhythms of Let's Groove Again and Past Your Bedtime, by way of the viral grooves of last year's singular The Worst MC, Gonzales Über Alles signals the imminent rise to world domination of a major talent. Twisted pop genius.
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