Beckett & Taylor
World of Me

By Kone-R

The wonderful Hand On The Plow till four more startling tracks from the land, including two heavy reworks from techno maestro Cristian Vogel. The lead cut is a shuffling piece they describe as 'self important R'n'B', which on initial listens left me wondering what on earth they were trying to achieve but on revisiting began to make a certain amount of (admittedly fucked up) sense. Inevitably, I now absolutely love it. Paired with the disco funk of Me Too, a rework which burbles along nicely in a squelchy electro disco style, they make for an odd couple, but then that's what B&T are all about. The Vogel mixes are aimed at a more Tresor type of floor as you might expect, popping and clicking to a crescendo with extra growl. Get your hand on.
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