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Miracles (Jamie Vex’d remix) b/w Creature

By Laurent Fintoni

The first single since Starkey’s debut album for the Planet Mu label, Miracles is possibly one of the biggest releases so far this year courtesy of a Jamie Vex’d remix which has all the impact of a mammoth trampling through a porcelain shop. Jamie flexes more of the production styles already hinted at on his Hotflush remix and Planet Mu EP, taking the original into hip hop-meets-dubstep territory complete with a bassline sure to shatter some eardrums and rattle a few ribcages. It’s not all brash sonic violence though, with subtle touches sprinkled throughout in the melodies and drums. And while the remix makes this an essential purchase alone, the b-side also has plenty to interest fans of the more hectic dubstep styles, with Starkey throwing a wobbler in the shape of Creature, all distorted synths struggling along on the back of a fairly ridiculous riddim that will no doubt make you think ‘hold on, what?’ Once more Planet Mu shows its knack for fostering the most cutting-edge electronic producers out there.
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