Tim Wright

By Ed Thaw

Man of many aliases, Tim Wright has been using his own name on Novamute since 2002 where he’s been bringing his eclectic style to releases which have married the Detroit sound and garage. Sounds intriguing and it is despite the fact that Wright was sober during the conception of Thirst. Recorded at the tail end of 2003 and featuring vocal contributions from Juice Aleem and Toastie Tailor (who wright had worked with previously under his New Flesh moniker for Ninja Tune) Thirst is a unique gem blending the crispness of the Detroit sound with the strutting, Kappa preening arrogance of UK garage with a side order or ragga. Basement Jaxx is a useful reference but this is made of tougher stuff. From the Carl Craig-tinged opener Kick The Door In to the ragga stomp of The Ride bass is to the fore, and the funk is ever present on the rest of the tracks with Flatliner and Dust in particular bound to be pissing off your neighbours this summer.
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