Various Artists
The Biggest Reggae One Drop Anthems 2005

By Masta G

Bob Marley sang of the music which he popularised around the world that “we feel it in the one drop”. His term is now used to describe the renaissance in old fashioned reggae music taking place in Jamaica in the wake of the hyperactive excesses of contemporary dancehall. This comprehensive compilation from renowned UK reggae label Greensleeves provides a compelling overview of a style which has come to prominence in the UK charts with Marley’s son Damian’s anthemic Welcome To Jamrock. Most of the artists here similarly address the harsh realities of everyday life in a third world country beset by violence and poverty. Established figures like the prolific Sizzla and resident of Kingston’s general penitentiary Jah Cure appear alongside younger men like Perfect and Gyptian and even popular white German singer Gentleman.

Whether they sing over new compositions or freshly recorded versions of classic instrumentals from reggae’s history, all the artists here sublimate the range of social and political concerns which they address into melodic and deeply affecting music. There are too many stand out moments on the two CDs to mention – this compilation is essential if you enjoy Jamaican music of any description.
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