TaaPet Sounds

By Elizabeth Wells

This album review descends into metaphor I'm afraid; it's very difficult to describe this kind of minimalist soundscaping without making reference to a non-musical model. Most of it is so unearthly most people wouldn't classify this as music at all, but thank god there are still people out there who deem it worthwhile to make music like this.

Taapet is an Israeli outfit comprising two individual musicians (Binya Reches and Aviad Albert) who also work together to generate what they term a kind of 'ping pong improvisation.' Significantly each Taapet release is conceived and recorded under a different set of rules and limitations, which may account for its inventiveness. Sometimes narrower boundaries can force the imagination into new channels of expression.

The album opens with a simple piano arrangement of a modernist piece with minimal effects. It moves into yet another track evoking the rhythmic strumming of a helicopter overhead, switching from left to right channels and fading into delicate glitchy distortion. By the third track the stately pace is threatening to become a little jaded, though the atmosphere is promising: mulchy organic noises, like magnified sounds of earth-worms, merge with a subterranean tone that sounds like underwater signals from a submarine. This theme continues into Cold Sweet Potato 3, which truly does sound like noises coming from the seabed, almost like a swimmer breathing through a diving apparatus. Eerie sounds build in like insects calling to each other, then miraculously a lazy – almost trip hop-style beat – makes an appearance and starts to make new sense of the whole. Cut-up strings and then a return to the eerie electronic twangs and belches of the third track means that the album ends on a nice symmetry. This is thoughtfully conceived and executed.
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