DJ Scotch Egg
Scotch Hausen

The mighty DJ Scotch Egg enlists a 50-strong orchestra to present this magnificent Game Boy opus.

Filmed and produced by Brighton’s Nothing To See Here video production crew, the frenetic orchestral manoeuvres of Scotch Hausen boldly reclaim classical music for the Nintendo generation. It’s like watching the drinking man’s Portsmouth Sinfonia.
DJ Scotch Egg is none other than Japanese musician Shigeru Ishihara — honorary Brightonian, riotous showman and KFC obsessive. A founding member of Brighton’s Wrong Music crew, he has enjoyed global notoriety with his scotch egg-hurling, megaphone-bellowing performances and a slew of releases on labels such as Adaadat, Kriss Records and Wrong Music. His new album is due out on Wrong Music/Adaadat (10”) and Very Friendly (CD) in January 2007.

Directed by Steve Glashier

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ArcadePerfect posted 9 February 2008 (04:17:36)
I love it. :o) Good, clean harwdkore fun. :oD
duodroume posted 6 May 2007 (01:54:19)
CLASSIC RIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! YAHU! loved it, so simple and so effective. thsi wont be on MTV, for sure.
Atarii Manuhuthu posted 25 June 2007 (12:47:16)
I hate the fact that DJ scotch egg is being to populair to ignore.. i wish i could let his music be underground... and all to myself. DJ SCOTCH EGG IS SO DAMN GOOD!!!
Freeno posted 15 April 2007 (21:43:15)
WAHAY going to see him at the end of april :D
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