DJ Krush

After two decades in the role of Japanese hip hop ambassador, DJ Krush releases his first DVD.

By Laurent Fintoni

After nine albums and a career spanning over 20 years, DJ Krush is finally releasing a DVD. Ko-No-Michi is a documentary that looks at Krush’s history via certain focal points, including his first international album, his first US recording sessions and his 2006 world tour. In between we’re treated to unseen footage of recording sessions, live shows and discussions between Krush and artists he’s collaborated with, as well as segments where Krush himself talks about various events in his career and how music has affected his life.
As the ambassador of Japanese hip hop, Krush’s appeal to hip hop fans is a given. However, the DVD works best in showing the extent of Krush’s influence and musical explorations, which have taken him well outside the boundaries of what many consider hip hop, today or yesterday. Krush is much more than a living legend of hip hop, he is one of a select few modern musical geniuses.
 Ko-No-Michi is out now on Sony.
Vainzine posted 22 August 2008 (16:06:23)
It got reviewed on Vainzine. You can see a clip of the dvd there too. Awesome DJ!
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